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Triumph Story Article Template


What does the word “triumph” mean to you?

To achieve where no one else has succeeded? To be a victorious hero? To win? To persevere?

Stories of triumph don’t need to be epic herculean feats. Real triumph stories – the stories readers can relate to or place themselves in the story – inspire us all and prove anything is possible.

Whether it’s a tale of an underdog overcoming great odds or someone

dealing with a variety of obstacles to achieve success – stories of triumph are engaging and captivating.

So how do you, as an article writer, take advantage of the fact people want to hear stories of triumph? Use this article template for your next article and share a story of triumph!

Picking Your Triumph Story

Consider where in your niche you are today or in your personal life. What obstacles did you overcome or what milestones did you surpass? Dig out the details and consider what keys or steps to the story make it informative and benefit others.

Alternately, you could share someone else’s triumphs by relating them to your niche. When you get inspired by someone else’s triumph, take note of the scenario so you can write about it later. The key to writing about another’s triumphs is to make sure it’s originally presented by bringing a new angle to the story if it’s something that has already been written about.

Also, (in both scenarios) consider how the story is relevant to your niche and your reader. You can tweak the story to include other lessons, tips, and more, but remember: the goal of telling a triumph story is to send the message to your reader that anything is possible.


Writing Your Triumph Story Article

  • Introduce with Your Hook – Your first 2-3 lines should instantly hook the reader and introduce the story. Keep in mind these three elements: be reader-oriented, be relevant, and give the reader a taste of what’s to come in the article.
  • Tell the Story – Here’s where the pertinent details either from your memory or from the notes you recorded will come into play. Consider how stories that inspired you were told and channel that inspiration into your writing.
  • Reflect – Think about what the story of triumph means for your niche. Explain your thoughts in detail.
  • Final Thoughts – Share how the story ends or explain how it stands today and what the future holds. Reiterate your core message or the key take-away of your story so your reader can consider it for themselves.

Prove anything is possible! There is no triumph story too big or too small. Use this template today to share your underdog story and how you persevered!

Have you ever written an article based on triumph? Share your experiences and triumph in the comments section below.


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