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What Are the Inspectors Really Looking For?

February 13, 2003 -- Let's take a step back from the fray and examine the real target in Iraq...what are the inspectors really looking for? The answer is: what they have received from the US - the West's own exports - such as dual-use equipment used for manufacturing of weapons of destruction. This was supplied with the blessing of the US Commerce Dept.$1.5-b worth of dual-use goods.

The inspectors have destroyed a good deal of the equipment imported in the 1990s, but much still remains. The West's companies and governments are guiltier than most people remember. Following is a listing of some of the items received from the West:

Nassr State Enterprise - Helped extend the range of Iraq's SCUD missiles so they could strike US troops in Saudi Arabia and Israelis in Tel Aviv.

- Also helped Iraq's secret effort to enrich uranium.

- Machine tools and high-speed computers: Leybold Vacuum Systems, Hewlett Packard (US); Matrix Churchill Ltd., MEED International (UK); Heinrich Mueller GmbH (Germany); International Computer Systems (UK)

- Components and know-how for a plant intended for missile production: Anlagen Bau Contor (Germany)

- Missile guidance components: Inwako, C. Plath (Germany)

- Equipment to make missile combustion chambers: H&H Metalform, Leifeld and Co. GmbH (Germany)

- Magnets for centrifuges for enriching uranium: Rhein-Bayern Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

- Magnets for calutrons for enriching uranium: Voest-Alpine AG (Austria)

- Turbopumps for the engines of SCUD missiles: Thyssen Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany)

- Glass fiber plant useful for making rocket motor casings: Matrix Churchill Corp. (US/UK); Glass Inc. International (US)

Al-Qaqaa - Developed explosive lenses for nuclear weapons - High-speed computers: Cerberus, Perkin Elmer Corporation (US)
University of Mosul - Site of Iraq's major missile development center

- Research on chemical and nuclear weapons

- Equipment for enhancing satellite images: E.Z. Logic Data Systems (US)

- Infrared electronic imaging equipment useful for aerial reconnaissance and missile tracking: International Imaging Systems (US)

- Computers and mass spectrometers useful for nuclear weapon work: Finnigan-MAT (US)

Al Kindi - Modification and production of SCUD-B/Al Hussein missiles

- Production of the "supergun"

- Research on missile components and fuel

- High-precision coordinate measuring machines: Mauserwerke Oberndorf GmbH, Zeiss, Mauser (Germany)
Samarra Drug Industry - Prime production facility for Iraqi mustard gas and nerve agents, according to U.S. intelligence sources

- Reported in 2001 by August Hanning, the director of German intelligence (BND), to be developing new chemical weapons

- Parts for the Samarra chemical weapon complex: Water Engineering Trading (Germany)

- Site construction services: Heberger Bau (Germany)

- Equipment for six separate chemical plants, including facilities and construction components: Karl Kolb and Pilot Plant (Germany)

- Equipment for chemical, physiological and biological analysis (Germany)

- According to Hanning, "important components for the production of poison gas" (Germany)

Hutteen State Establishment - Built testing facility at Iraq's main nuclear weapon development site - Artillery ammunition for chemical payloads: Treblan (Spain)

- High-speed computers: E.Z. Logic Data Systems (US); International Computer Systems (US/UK)

- Machine tools and equipment: Matrix Churchill Ltd., MEED International (UK)

Salah al Din - Military electronics factory which produced three- dimensional early warning radars, electronic countermeasures and inertial guidance components

- Also produced equipment for making nuclear weapon fuel

- Turn-key factory built by Thomson-CSF (France)

- Lasers, laser systems, and "communication/ detection/tracking equipment:" Spectra Physics (US)

- Quartz crystals and electronic assemblies for use in radar systems: Zeta Laboratories Inc. (US)

- Frequency synthesizers for developing surveillance radar: Hewlett Packard (US)

Source: [12.10PM 13 Feb 03]
Iraq Watch Bulletin, vol2, Issue 1, Jan-Feb. 203


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