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Brazilian Fashion

Brazilians like colour....popular solid colours are brown, blues, orange, and raw hues as well as purple and green. Patterns are floral, pale or bright, mosaic patterns, stripes. Black and white are popular as solid colours and in stripes...also beige and white stripes

Brazilians like miniskirts and T-shirts, they like well fitting clothes (hence the success of elastic fibres, such as lycra) and, more than any other people in the world, they like jeans. Perhaps because Brazil is a country with a young population, jeans have been universally adopted, and with time have become a kind of national uniform, regardless of age, sex or economic status. Jeans are worn from morning to night, and denim is used for shorts, bermudas, trousers, skirts and jackets, and worn on the beach or in the city, with sandals, over swimming costumes or with blazer and tie.

However small the bikinis may be, Brazil, oddly enough, has never gone topless. There must be a top, however minimal. The country's distinctive creations are the bikini and beach fashions in general.

In the south of Bahia, among sandy beaches and coconut groves, lies Trancoso, which occupies a surprising place in the world of fashion, with large numbers of young tourists from Brazil and overseas, of one of the most provoking, artless and feminine items of fashion: the little cotton dress - low cut, close fitting, short and usually patterned, a timeless look. This is the dress of the Gabrielas of the novelist Jorge Amado, the dress for rich and poor, young and not so young, the past and the 1990s.

In the North East region, the fashion is made with white lace, bobbinet, embroidered linen and cambric, the result of refined, detailed and delicate workmanship, and are used to embellish gowns, dresses, slips, handkerchiefs and towels.

Brazilian women today, north and south of the country, survive with four basic pieces: a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, flip-flops and a bikini - notwithstanding the lure of designer clothes... made in Brazil.

By Margot B

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